cable drag chain

Used in the occasion of reciprocating motion, it can pull and protect the built-in cables, oil pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, etc. Each section of the energy chain can be opened for easy installation and maintenance. Low noise, wear-resistant, and high-speed movement during exercise.


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  • What is the resolution method of the tow chain?

    Drag chain of the main specifications of our project towing chain specifications Complete, can be divided into small (miniature) plastic drag chain and large heavy haul chain two kinds, mainly according to the classification of high and low, small plastic tow chain mainly includes 7 series, 10 se...

  • Removal and Installation of Dust Cover for Steel Plate Machine Tool

    Protective cover manufacturers: The use of steel machine tool dust covers requires daily cleaning of dust and debris on the surface, and regular lubrication and maintenance. These are recorded in the instruction manual that comes with the manufacturer’s shipment. When necessary, the steel p...

  • Protective cover manufacturers: how to store the telescopic steel plate protective cover

    Protective cover manufacturers: The telescopic steel plate protective cover is a small part of the overall machine tool equipment. Some parts will be customized before the overall machine tool assembly. The steel plate dust cover is one of them. After receiving it, it will be used at that time. I...

  • The use and structural characteristics of steel towline:

    1. It is generally used in cables, oil pipes, air pipes, water pipes and air pipes of machine tools, etc., for traction and protection. Now it has been widely used in machine tools, protecting cables, etc. and making the machine tool look more beautiful as a whole. 2. The shape is like a tank cha...

  • How to solve problems in the use of plastic towline

    The main material of plastic drag chain: reinforced nylon, high pressure, high tensile load, good toughness, high elasticity, wear resistance, flame retardant, low temperature resistance and stable performance, can be used outdoors. The content of nylon determines the strength and wear resistance...