The use and structural characteristics of steel towline:

1. It is generally used in cables, oil pipes, air pipes, water pipes and air pipes of machine tools, etc., for traction and protection. Now it has been widely used in machine tools, protecting cables, etc. and making the machine tool look more beautiful as a whole.
2. The shape is like a tank chain, which is composed of many unit links, and the links can rotate freely.
3. The inner height, outer height and pitch of the same series of towline chains are the same, and the inner width and bending radius R can be selected differently.
4. The unit chain link is composed of left and right chain plates and upper and lower cover plates, each section can be opened, easy to assemble and disassemble, no need to thread, after opening the cover plate, you can put cables, oil pipes, air pipes, water pipes, etc. into the steel towline.
5. Separators can also be provided to separate the space in the chain as needed.
6. It is a material of towline, and another is nylon plastic towline. I won’t introduce it here. As the name implies, it is metal. The height can be customized according to customer requirements, and the width can be produced according to the drawings. It can be milled, the upper and lower sheets can be butted, or it can be a simple spacer. There are currently three forms to choose from.
7. According to the hardness of use, it can also be divided into high temperature resistant, galvanized and nickel-plated on the surface, and heavy-duty drag chain carburized.
8. According to the visibility, it can be divided into fully enclosed type and bridge type frame type. The fully enclosed type has better dust-proof effect, and the bridge type frame type is more convenient for maintenance.
9. It is composed of chain plate (high-quality steel plate galvanized) support plate (extruded aluminum alloy) shaft pin (alloy steel) and other components, so that there is no relative movement between the cable or rubber tube and the drag chain, and no distortion occurs. The performance is good and not deformed.
10. Easy to install, reliable to use, easy to disassemble, especially the use of high-strength wear-resistant materials, alloy steel as the shaft pin, improve the wear-resistant strength of the product, more flexible bending, lower resistance, reduce noise, so that it can be Guarantee no deformation under long-term operation.

Post time: Jun-11-2022