Protective cover manufacturers: how to store the telescopic steel plate protective cover

Protective cover manufacturers: The telescopic steel plate protective cover is a small part of the overall machine tool equipment. Some parts will be customized before the overall machine tool assembly. The steel plate dust cover is one of them. After receiving it, it will be used at that time. Instead, put it in the inventory and be ready to use it at any time, and tell you how to store it.
Protective cover manufacturers: Under normal circumstances, the telescopic steel protective cover is packed in wooden boxes when we deliver the goods, which avoids the possibility of damage during transportation. After receiving the goods, users need to check whether there is any damage and whether Moisture, if that’s okay, choose a clean, dry area for storage. When placing, be sure to place them separately according to the size, so that they can be moved out at any time for convenience.
Protective cover manufacturer: Because the customized telescopic steel plate protective cover has different materials, as mentioned above, A3 steel plate and 1Cr13 (stainless iron) must be considered. Although pure stainless steel 304 will not rust, it has a strong Corrosion resistance, but good storage is also necessary. If you need to customize the steel plate protective cover or consult related technical information, you can contact us at any time.

Post time: Aug-17-2022