What is the resolution method of the tow chain?

Drag chain of the main specifications of our project towing chain specifications Complete, can be divided into small (miniature) plastic drag chain and large heavy haul chain two kinds, mainly according to the classification of high and low, small plastic tow chain mainly includes 7 series, 10 series, 15 series and 18 series four, large-scale heavy duty nylon tow chain mainly includes 25 series,

30 series, 35 series, 45 series, 56 series, 62 (65) series and 80 series seven kinds, can give the cable perfect protection from small to large.

The following are the most plastic tow chain manufacturers will use the quality of identification methods:

First, the sense of the plastic chain to meet the sun, if you can see the reflection of the light evenly without astigmatism, this chain of materials uniform, good quality.

Second, touch, hand touch plastic drag chain of every corner, surface, such as the sense of smooth not prickly, this can be judged by the production of mold error range is very small. Third, rub, with wooden beat plastic drag chain of the surface, if the pits will soon appear, and the falling debris is a material shape, the material used in this chain is the lower corner material or recycled material to do, if the setback is very arduous, the pits, and the fall of the debris is short filiform, you can determine the drag chain with the raw materials added high-strength glass fiber and other materials,

Plastic towing chain manufacturers make it more wear resistance. The above is a drag-chain resolution, if you want to know more please call us, or directly into our official website

Post time: Aug-18-2022