DGT type cable conduit

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DGT Cable Conduit Specifications

Type Inside Diameter (Height*Width) Outside Diameter      (Height*Width) Bending radius   
25*45 25mm*45mm 39mm*62mm  
38*73 38mm*73mm 53mm*91mm
45*90 45mm*90mm 61mm*108mm  
52*102 52mm*102mm 70mm*122mm
60*120 60mm*120mm 81mm*144mm
60*150 60mm*150mm 81mm*184mm
72*162 72mm*162mm 93mm*186mm


DGT Cable Conduit Connector Parameters

A Type Connector      
Type h b e d₁ I₁ I₂
25*45 39mm 57mm 22mm φ6.5mm 33mm 8mm
38*73 53mm 85mm 50mm φ6.5mm 35mm 10mm
45*90 60mm 103mm 60mm φ6.5mm 40mm 10mm
52*102 65mm 114mm 65mm φ8.5mm 40mm 10mm
60*120 75mm 137mm 80mm φ8.5mm 45mm 10mm
60*150 75mm 163mm 80mm φ8.5mm 45mm 12mm
72*162 90mm 180mm 102mm φ8.5mm 50mm 12mm


Type A Connector Drawings




B Type Connector      
Type h b e d₁ I₁ I₂
25*45 39mm 57mm 75mm φ6.5mm 30mm 94mm
38*73 53mm 85mm 105mm φ8.5mm 35mm 120mm
45*90 60mm 103mm 128mm φ8.5mm 40mm 154mm
52*102 65mm 114mm 140mm φ8.5mm 40mm 160mm
60*120 75mm 137mm 170mm φ8.5mm 45mm 197mm
60*150 75mm 163mm 210mm φ8.5mm 45mm 240mm
72*162 90mm 180mm 205mm φ8.5mm 50mm 259mm















Type B Connector Drawings




C Type Connector        
Type h b eb d₁ I₁ eh I₂
25*45 39mm 57mm 20*55mm φ6.5mm 30mm 55mm 77mm
38*73 53mm 85mm 45*70mm φ6.5mm 35mm 67mm 87mm
45*90 60mm 103mm 53*87mm φ8.5mm 40mm 78mm 98mm
52*102 65mm 114mm 60*90mm φ8.5mm 40mm 82mm 102mm
60*120 75mm 137mm 68*105mm φ8.5mm 45mm 100mm 120mm
60*150 75mm 163mm 85*100mm φ8.5mm 45mm 100mm 121mm
72*162 90mm 180mm 95*100mm φ8.5mm 50mm 113mm 137mm

















Type C  Connector Drawings




D Type Connector        
Type h b e d₁ I₁ I₂ I₃
25*45 39mm 57mm 24mm φ6.5mm 38mm 10mm 25mm
38*73 53mm 91mm 50mm φ6.5mm 38mm 10mm 25mm
45*90 61mm 108mm 65mm φ6.5mm 58mm 12mm 35mm
52*102 70mm 122mm 70mm φ8.5mm 58mm 13mm 35mm
60*120 81mm 144mm 82mm φ8.5mm 60mm 15mm 35mm
60*150 81mm 184mm 100mm φ8.5mm 60mm 15mm 38mm
72*162 93mm 186mm 102mm φ8.5mm 64mm 15mm 38mm

Type A Connector Drawings



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