Removal and Installation of Dust Cover for Steel Plate Machine Tool

Protective cover manufacturers: The use of steel machine tool dust covers requires daily cleaning of dust and debris on the surface, and regular lubrication and maintenance. These are recorded in the instruction manual that comes with the manufacturer’s shipment. When necessary, the steel plate cover needs to be replaced. Remove it for cleaning and maintenance. In this process, many users are afraid that it will be damaged or cannot be installed.
Protective cover manufacturer: Here, please rest assured. This article will tell you about the disassembly of the dust cover of the steel plate machine tool. First, check the position where the connecting plate of the protective cover is connected to the equipment. The bolts are unscrewed with tools and put away, which is convenient for inspection. Install after finishing. Check for obstructions around the shield and the location of the contact between the rail and the shield. After the bolts are unscrewed, some can be removed directly. According to the actual situation of the machine tool, some are removed according to the track of the guide rail.
Protective cover manufacturer: If it is the disassembly of the dust cover of a small steel plate machine tool, the staff can directly operate it. If you encounter a large shield, you will need some auxiliary equipment for removal. The installation is similar to the disassembly. After the shield is connected to the device, the bolts are tightened, and the test run is started slowly, and it can be used without any problem.

Post time: Aug-17-2022